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8/11/2016 Member News
Redevelopment of Crapo Building Bay City



Bay City, Mich - The Neighborhood Development Co. introduces The Legacy

We hope to restore this magnificent structure to its original glory, adapting it into a mixed-use building
consisting of retail, commercial, and residential apartments. Currently, we are still faced with the need
for another state or federal grant program in order to make this become a reality. The development
team has twenty days remaining to find necessary funds.

The rendering attached is our conceptual design for The Legacy.

In our attempt to save and redevelop this property, we applied for historic designation earlier this
summer. In their review of our application, the National Park Service has requested additional
photographs of the level of contributing architecture the building offers. As a result of the 1960
renovation, the majority of the Romanesque revival architecture cannot be captured by camera at once.
To satisfy a request for additional visual details by the National Park Service, the majority of aluminum
panels on Washington Avenue will be removed. A portion of the historic Crapo building in Downtown
Bay City will be unveiled after 56 years on August 16th, 2016.

It is our goal to resurrect this icon of Bay City. The original architects in 1890, Pratt and Koeppe,
designed many of Bay City's most notable and distinguished properties. This building is part of their
legacy. It is our privilege to restore The Legacy they have gifted our community.

“The historic Crapo Building located in downtown Bay City is an exciting treasure which ties our City to
its glorious past. The proposed historic restoration of this structure will showcase our City’s history and
the many great stories of the City’s important past. The Neighborhood Development Company led by
Jenifer Acosta and her team are breathing new life into this historic treasure and restoring memories of
the great tradition of our City.”– Rick Finn Bay City Manager.

The property is located at 213 Center Avenue in downtown Bay City. We are also available at and


Real estate development with a particular focus on redeveloping historic buildings and focusing on
energy efficiency, multifamily housing, and mixed use neighborhood developments.

Please direct questions to

Company Contact: Jenifer Acosta