• CAN Council - Administrative Services Manager

    Administrative Services Manager

    Position Purpose: Provide leadership for the Administrative Services Department to ensure attainment of program, organizational and strategic objectives.

    CAN Council Values: Adaptability * Collaboration * Ethics * Cultural Competency * Professional Growth * Quality * Service

    Reports to and Evaluated by: President/CEO

    Requirements: Bachelor’s degree required; 4+ years’ experience in a management position preferably within a nonprofit organization; proven people and project leader; organizer and collaborator; close attention to detail; exceptional customer service; positive attitude.'

    1. Supervise Administrative Services (fundraising, facility, public awareness, volunteer coordination, community engagement and administrative support) for all four counties served by the CAN Council
    2. Coordinate responsibilities related to each CAN Council fundraising, public awareness and community engagement effort
    3. Oversee creation of policies and procedures for all Administrative Services roles and projects
    4. Coordinate Administrative Services team in achieving organizational strategic goals
    5. Serve on the CAN Council Leadership Team contributing to organizational objectives
    6. Facilitate administrative support for all CAN Council programs to ensure efficient, effective and timely service provision
    7. Ensure excellent customer service provision for all CAN Council guests and staff
    8. Collaborate with Human Resource Director with on-boarding and training new Administrative Services employees
    9. Conduct timely and reflective performance evaluations for entire team

    Candidates may apply by submitting a cover letter, resume and three references to cancouncil@cancouncil.org by November 27, 2020.

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