• GIS Coordinator

    Posted: 08/01/2022


    Provides project oversight for public works related geographic information system (GIS) program activities utilizing GIS hardware and software to produce maps, spatial data and thematic data. Employees in this classification will create, adjust, manage, and distribute base maps and thematic data. The GIS Coordinator will develop user interfaces, menus, and macro-level commands to meet user needs in addition to performing simple spatial analyses and producing reports according to specifications.
    Supporting assignments may also include supervision of personnel and the ability to assist field survey and studies


    1. Performs geographical analysis for informational purposes, and inputs into modeling and decision support systems used for public works planning activities.
    2. Prepares summaries and presentations of resultant geographical information.
    3. Documents and provides quality control/quality assurance and oversight of geospatial data, ensure all geospatial data complies with prescribed and documented QA/QC procedures and standards.
    4. Manages and approves the development and maintenance of public works geospatial information; documentation of procedures, validation of data for accuracy and completeness.
    5. Administers ArcGIS Online accounts including, user access, developing web/mobile mapping applications, managing ArcGIS services.
    6. Uses ESRI Desktop, Mobile, and Enterprise systems for data collection, creation, management, and distribution.
    7. Utilizes DPW asset management software and information including account, user access, and developing web/mobile applications.
    8. Coordinates, schedules, and/or manages obtaining field data using GPS software and hardware.
    9. Reviews and/or approves data utilized to create and produce spatial distribution maps for various studies.
    10. Coordinates and guides discussion, planning, and implantation of GIS for internal users and maintains and develops systems for continued use.
    11. Consults and collaborates with the Information Technology Department for internal users.
    12. Supports engineering duties; field surveys, inspections, transportation asset management duties.
    13. Maintains communication with the Information Technology Department for internal and external networking management and maintenance along with discussion of updated and upgrade needs regarding internal GIS servers.
    14. Prepares training materials for internal users of GIS programs and products and hosts individual and group training session when necessary.
    15. Performs other duties as assigned.


    • The methods and techniques employed in creating maps and GIS products.
    • Understanding of general information systems and networking terminology.
    • Previous experience with spatial and non-spatial databases and similar systems along with associated means of access and manipulation them
    • Previous experience with coding / programming languages or packages such as Python, ArcPy, SQL, ARCade, JScript, or VBScript.

    • Give attention to details.
    • Work in a team atmosphere and to provide a supporting role to others.
    • Work effectively under time constraints and changes in work priorities.
    • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with both the public and other City employees.
    • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
    • Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
    • Utilize computers and tablets as a record keeping and scheduling tool.
    • Utilization of and troubleshooting within various Operating systems.
    • Utilization of remote desktop programs and to utilize Windows Servers (physical and/or virtual).

    • Bachelor's degree in Geography, Computer Technology, GIS (Geographic Information System), or closely related degree program.
    • Two (2) years increasingly responsible geographic information systems experience.
    • Previous working experience using AutoCAD, Cityworks, and RoadSoft, and GIS programs.
    • Must possess and maintain a valid State of Michigan Driver's license.

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