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    About Us

    Serenity Bay Health is a new psychiatric outpatient clinic in the Tri-Cities, privately-owned and operated by Dr. Adam Nicholas and Dr. Ryan Cox. Serenity Bay Health treats a wide variety of psychiatric conditions: depression, anxiety, anger, OCD, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. We are also excited to be providing Spravato- a newly approved therapy that involves the use of ketamine as an intra-nasal spray. Ketamine therapy has been found to be very effective in managing refractory depression. This new alternative has provided relief and hope to many patients who suffer from chronic depression.

    We also treat dementia and memory care regardless of the etiology and stage. Dr. Cox specializes in the care of those with dementia and is passionate about the senior population.

    Patients have the option to use telehealth for those that are homebound or live in rural areas outside of the Tri-Cities. Our goal is to provide quality psychiatric care to not only the Tri-Cities but also to Northern and Central Michigan and the Thumb. Serenity Bay Health accepts all private insurances including Medicare.

    We look forward to taking part in your or your loved one's care.


    • Dr. Nicholas and Dr. Cox
    • Deanna Dubay DNP, PMHNP-BC and Bridget Cashin NP
    • Therapy services
    • Spravato therapy