• Crowdfunding Campaign launched for Midland Pizza Baker’s Downtown restaurant!

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Campaign will launch Friday, April 5th around 10am
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    Contact: Jen Lee
    Nicole Ward

    Crowdfunding Campaign launched for Midland Pizza Baker’s Downtown restaurant!
    MIDLAND, MI – The Midland Young Professionals (MYPros) and Midland Pizza Baker are launching an online crowdfunding campaign to help bring the successful mobile pizza restaurant to a permanent location in Downtown Midland.
    They are using the money for a second pizza prep table, a 44Kg spiral mixer to increase dough making capacity, and portable outdoor seating for guests to enjoy their pizza outdoors. The fundraising goal is $10,000. If the campaign reaches that goal by May 17, 2019, the project will receive an additional $10,000 matching grant from the Midland Area Community Foundation’s Impact Investing initiative.
    Pizza Baker’s mission is to provide the community with artisan wood-fired pizza while providing meaningful employment opportunity to people with disabilities. Pizza Baker is partnering with Arnold Farms, a project of the Arnold Center that runs a program called WeGrow. WeGrow trains people with disabilities to plant, maintain, nurture, and harvest crops which are then sold at farmers market and to local restaurants. Pizza Baker utilizes basil and lettuce from WeGrow in making his pizzas.
    Those interested in donating to the Pizza Baker crowdfunding campaign can do so at www.patronicity.com/pizzabaker. A variety of incentives are available to donors at different giving levels, including pizzas, entry to a pre-opening party, and even the opportunity to create.

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