• DRI nvestments is Pleased to Welcome Back Award-Winning Pitmaster Steve Seige

    For Immediate Release
    Bay City, MI- Downtown Restaurant Investments is Pleased to Welcome Back Award-Winning Pitmaster Steve Seige to Their Culinary Team.

    Downtown Restaurant Investments CEO Dave Dittenber is pleased to announce that Steve Seige-the Pitmaster who opened Molasses BBQ in Midland will be returning to fill the role of Regional Pitmaster.  He will be involved with the re-opening of M2 BBQ in Bay City and will also be the Seasonal Kitchen Manager at Drift Shoreside Beer Garden.

    Steve is a veteran of the United States Army holds numerous awards for BBQ competition.  His last stint was at the Water Pig BBQ in Pensacola Florida which was rated One of USA Today’s Best New Restaurants. Before that he opened Molasses BBQ for DRI and prior to that he owned and operated the Rusty Saw BBQ-his low and slow roots run deep!

    “I can’t think of a better person for the plans we have for M2 and Drift in Bay City, Steve is exactly the type of person who can implement, train and lead our BBQ teams”, said CEO Dittenber.   “We are very pleased that Steve chose to come back to Michigan and to the DRI culinary team.”
    “It’s great to be back home!”, said Steve.

    Press Contact: Dave Dittenber
    (989) 906-4767
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