• Eat, Sleep & Exercise during COVID-19

    Tips to Help You Stay Healthy
    1) Increase Vitamin D - whether it be using supplements (we carry a great Vit D3 supplement) or getting out in the sun. Vitamin D is going to help keep the immune system in tip top shape to help fight off illness.

    2) Sleep - make sure that you are getting an adequate amount of rest at night (6-8 hours). This is when the body heals itself. Be sure to give the body the time it requires to build and repair itself.
    3) Exercise - walk, run, jump, whatever works best for you. There are a lot of free platforms for workouts on the internet designed for beginners to advanced individuals. Getting outside for a 30 minute walk is the easiest and one of the greatest ways to reduce stress, increase vitamin D levels and keep up the immune system. 
    4) Diet - Give the body the right pieces it needs to stay healthy. Eating leafy greens, fruits, and other vegetables will help supply the body with essential nutrients. Try to stay away from unhealthy foods like refined sugars, chips, pop, candy etc. 
    Overall be positive, stay active and support local businesses when you can. 
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    Stay healthy out there. 

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