• Get The Best Employees For Your Bay City, MI Business

    Successful businesses are supported by great employees, but sometimes it is hard to find people who are the right fit for your staff and position. Plus, there is often fierce competition for the best employees, especially if you’re looking for someone to fill a niche position. But right now job seekers are really looking for positions that will allow them to maintain a healthy work/life balance. If you have one of those positions, the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce has some suggestions for finding and keeping these great employees.


    Showcase Your Company and Position with Social Media


    Recruiting on social media is effective, especially if you’re looking to hire people that are already following your business online. In addition to the major players, including Facebook and LinkedIn, look for niche social networks, and don’t count out forum sites, such as Reddit and Quora. 


    Facebook Ads are also a great option. With its huge user base, you can be sure your ad will be seen by a large number of people. And Facebook allows you to target your ad to a specific audience. Facebook ads are also easy to create and manage, so you can get started quickly and easily. You can create a Facebook ad online for free using templates and tools that allow you to customize your ad specifically for your business. Once you’re done, all you need to do is post it!


    Network at Job Fairs


    Job fairs are still a great way to meet potential job candidates. Whether you are attending one in your area or hosting your own, have plenty of information that you can pass out on the day of the events. If you plan to host your own job fair, make sure that you build a great site and promote via social media and other advertising channels to draw in stellar candidates. 


    Although they may seem outdated, flyers are effective because they are larger than business cards and allow you to include pertinent information, such as hours and job requirements. They also give you an opportunity to share a little about your company. And just like making your own Facebook ad, you can design custom flyers quickly using an online tool that lets you swap out elements of a template on thousands of professional designs. Change the colors, text, and even photos to best appeal to your audience.


    Be Transparent and Accurate about the Position


    Your job description should be consistent between your flyers and your social media presence. If you’ve never written a job description before, it should include all of the basic responsibilities of your open positions. It should be current, relevant, and easy to understand by someone with the educational and professional requirements of the position. Once you master writing job descriptions, you can post available jobs on job boards.


    Job seekers are now looking for more than just a way to make money. They want to feel appreciated and have a job that will allow them to develop a healthy work/life balance. Create an informational sheet or brochure that explains the position, but also includes salary range and the benefits offered. You likely have some of this content available through your HR department, so grab those files and combine them to create a printer friendly file for interested applicants. Any PDF merge tool can help with this process. Simply add the pages you want to combine into the merge tool, arrange them, and select Merge. You now have a file that you can print or upload to job postings that will show off everything your company has to offer.


    Be Selective


    Just because there is a shortage of employees doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn't be selective in your hiring decisions. According to Career Sidekick, most employers will interview between six and 10 candidates for each job. This is a good number to give you a breadth of experience; however, don’t be shy about interviewing more potential employees until you’re comfortable that you have a pool of qualified candidates.


    Help Pay for Training


    Many companies now pay for some or all of their employee’s continuing education expenses. It may feel counterintuitive to pay for someone to get a degree or certification that could allow them to leave their position, but research shows that 80% of employers believe that tuition reimbursement makes their employees happier and more likely to stay. And covering recertifications that are required for the position is a great way to show that you value your employee and want them to stay in their role with your company. 


    Invest in the Onboarding Process


    Many businesses don’t use the onboarding process effectively. Spend the time and money ensuring that those initial weeks with your company are used to provide a solid framework for your new employees. This should include any specialized training and an opportunity to get to know the other departments.


    Begin Your Hiring Campaign


    It can be difficult to find the right employees for your business, but it is not impossible. Use social media, job fairs, and Facebook ads to promote your position, and provide clear information about what is expected in this role and what benefits will be provided. And use free tools whenever possible to keep your costs low and your quality high. With a little patience and some strategic marketing, you’ll find the right people to fill your open positions.


    If you’re ready to grow your business with the help of great local resources and partnerships, join the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.