• Living and Working in these Uncertain times

    Living and Working in these Uncertain times
    -Dr. Lee Newton
    It’s easy to allow the news media and social media to alarm or further disrupt our already disrupted lives.  I feel it is always important to stay pragmatic and level-headed during times of uncertainty:

    1.  We have chosen (thus far) not to close the office.  As a health care facility, one of our primary jobs is to take care of the health of our patients and our community.  Every eye condition we can treat and keep out of the E.R. means more resources available to treat conditions that belong in the E.R.
    2. One of my favorite speakers says, “Life is hard enough as it is.  It’s even more difficult when you do stupid things.”  We’re not planning an eyewear show to draw crowds of people to the office, because that would be a stupid thing.  Other stupid things would be overbooking our schedule, working if we don’t feel well, encouraging 5 family members to accompany a patient to an appointment, failing to disinfect instruments and surfaces, etc.
    3. I feel that it’s essential that small business owners portray confidence and a great attitude, because staff as well as patients/clients/customers easily pick up on fear and uncertainty. 
    4. Other local business owners have had to limit their hours or close pursuant to government mandate.  Whenever possible, I think of Chamber businesses from whom I could grab take-out for dinner for my family.
    5. My wife and I have created daily ‘to-do’ lists for our daughters, consisting of tasks to help around the house as well as educational activities – so their days aren’t consumed on their devices. 
    6. Don’t forget to periodically check on elderly family members and neighbors as well as those living alone.
    We Americans are a resilient group and together we can overcome anything.  I have no doubt that the great American spirit will guide us through this temporary setback.
    Good physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health to all!  Be well!


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