• Manufacturing Day 2020 - Industry 4.0 in the GLBR

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    The Great Lakes Bay Manufacturers Association (GLBMA), in partnership with the National Manufacturing Day/Week/Month, has released its MFG Day video on Industry 4.0 and the Great Lakes Bay Region. On Friday, October 2nd, the GLBMA released an Industry 4.0 video to 30 schools in six different counties. The 40-minute video is to educate the next generation on manufacturing changes over the last decade and how technology has increased in the field. Local celebrities speak about how manufacturing touches their lives and influences their careers. We encourage everyone to share the video and see what rich history we continue to have here in the Great Lakes Bay Region. The video is available on YouTube under the Great Lakes Bay Manufacturers Association or at the GLBMA.org website under resources.  https://youtu.be/6QM-P1VnWOs
    The GLBMA Manufacturing video presentation was very informative and exposed my students here at the Saginaw Career Complex Engineering/Advanced Manufacturing Program to several of the local manufacturers that are right here in the State of Michigan.  The video displayed various industries that are utilizing automation by implementing robotic assembly cells/lines to enhance manufacturing at their facility.   The video also spotlighted various leaders in the manufacturing sectors of Michigan that provided insight as to the need for individuals that can use their head and their hands to make a living.  To summarize I thought it was a great video.   ~~ Oliver Johnson BSME, MSE, SCC Engineering Instructor
    The Great Lakes Bay Manufacturers Association has been in existence since 1912. The organization is member-based and comprises manufacturers from the Bay, Midland, Arenac, Tuscola, and Saginaw counties. The mission is to help manufacturers succeed, supporting best practices and education of the next generation.
    For additional information, please call 989-964-2881 or email tlblehm@svsu.edu.

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