• Midland Center for the Arts



    About Us

    Imagine a place where art, science, history, music, theatre, dance, films, camps, classes and professional world-class entertainers all live under one roof! This is Midland Center for the Arts, a beautiful landmark facility where people of all ages are invited to create as well as appreciate and explore these many areas of interest. With a 1,500-seat auditorium, a 400-seat theatre, art galleries, a hands-on science museum, and a historical museum campus, the Center is truly a place where you can escape the ordinary and explore the exceptional. From Broadway-based musicals to crowd-pleasing exhibits, from live symphony orchestras to historical reenactments, from headlining professional acts to outstanding community theatre – it’s all at the Center. A regional attraction that inspires learning, ignites passion and opens the door to new worlds. www.mcfta.org